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After a decade-long legal career and additional time spent as a business owner, Alicia Brown found herself at the helm of an unassuming loom. Drawn to tactile signals, patterns, and motion, Alicia's work is slow and meditative. She uses a variety of fibers, textures, and methods to evoke a comfortable conviviality in an unexpected, whimsical way. Informed by the natural world and grounded on the premise that fine art should drive sensations, thoughts, and feelings, her process is mindful yet intuitive. Inspired by comfortable sophistication and open spaces, her work prompts the viewer to slow down. Committed to ethically sourced products, Alicia works with suppliers and farmers who are deliberate stewards of the earth and care deeply for the animals under their care. She supports artisans in small fiber-producing communities and companies with high ethical and environmental standards. Alicia is a wife, mother, and firey Gemini who believes we should leave things better than we found them.

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