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Fine art is the soul's burning desire to slow down, appreciate beauty, and express itself


We live in a fast-paced society where immediate gratification is the new normal. Yet, after a decade-long legal career in Boston, Alicia Brown found herself at the helm of an unassuming loom. Every time she moved her meditative hands over and through the warp and weft… gently creating art with fiber, she felt the world slow down.


Slowing down has been one of the keys for her to remain passionate about life. Slowing down is what allows the soul to savor every texture, pattern, sensation, thought, feeling, and emotion.


Alicia’s art challenges the viewer to slow down. To see the detail and quality behind every texture and fiber.

She is a wife and mother who has impressively conquered the legal world, she is well traveled, and she wholeheartedly supports her local community and individuals she cares about.

Alicia is adamant about only sourcing organic fibers from farmers she has a relationship with to ensure that the animals that create the organic fibers she expresses herself with are well taken care of.

She is inspired by comfortable sophistication, open spaces, and textures. Her next project is sculpting Chrissy Teigen's cheekbones.


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